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Section 8 is more than a lifestyle, it's a band. It's more than a band, it's a legacy, which began many years ago. Through friends, coworkers, and lovers, Section 8 is comprised of the most talented and generous group of musicians this side of Placentia.
Section 8 is here to rock your face off, and give you the most solid, and cohesive rock cover experience you've had in your entire life.

Section 8 prides themselves in getting it right. They take songs sure to make you move, and give them their own little twist. However, they see the importance of maintaining the soundsation that was put into a song when the original artists created it, so they try not to take it too far on their own.

They are not your every day cover band. They try to keep it current. While you will hear some classic hits, this is not your run-of-the-mill Don't Stop Believin'/Jessie's Girl/Little Pink Houses cover band (although, some of those are in their catalog). They keep the show rockin', and try to make song selections sure to keep audiences on their feet. Click the "Songs" tab to see what they've selected for you so far.

Suggestions are always wlcome!